Zoe Max
Zoe Max is one of the largest lamps made by Cangini e Tucci, requiring hours of careful labour performed by skilled glassblowers.


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PaoPao Pendant

The PaoPao collection is inspired by the artistry of fine jewelry. The glass sphere is mouth-blown and vacuum plated to create a unique layered effect.

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Plint Floor Lamp

The integrated design of the high-performing spot with variable optics allows Plint to be freely positioned for discreet and precise accent lighting.

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Parliament Floor Lamp

A mid-century classic, the Parliament Floor Lamp from NEMO was originally designed by Le Corbusier for the Chandigarh Parliament in India. Now available in a fresh green and yellow diffuser finish.

Gold/Black Finish
Black/Black Finish
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Jewel Mono Pendant

New from Axolight, Jewel Mono is a collection of suspended lamps which exemplify minimalist design, lighting performance‎ and technical innovation.