News - UPDATES: David Trudbridge Products

By Studio Italia 24/06/2016 8:30 pm


" Major change to update you on in terms of our current black stained items. "

Basically, black stained items are discontinued and moved to black painted instead.

The brand has been considering this for some time but have now reached a point where changes need to be made asap:


1) High level of wastage - the black stained option is causing on average 60% wastage/seconds when manufactured! The stain was never designed for application to bamboo and paint coverage is far more successful (10% or less wastage/seconds comparatively).

2) Supply - There is only one supplier of the stain we were using and it has now become difficult to access and use. The paint however, comes from our standard supplier (Resene NZ) and fits in with our normal manufacturing of painted options.

3) New option possible - David Trubridge will be stocking black painted two sides throughout our range. There is also the option (as there currently is as a custom order) to cut to order black one side now as well! They are having sheets painted already to be able to begin cutting two sided asap.


If you are unsure or want to know more information please feel free to contact our Head office or Showrooms.