News - Lampe De Marseille Featured on the Block

By News 21/08/2018 12:18 pm

The Lampe De Marseille Mini Wall Lamp from Nemo lighting was recently featured in Bianca & Carla's winning room on The Block. The pair won over the judges in last weeks challenge with their stunning guest bedroom. “I have one word for this room – and that word is HALLELUJAH!” judge Neale Whitaker said. “Somebody has given us a room – finally – that feels modern, luxurious and glamorous.”

The Lampe De Marseille Mini was utilised as wall mounted bedside lamps, impressing the judges with its adjustability and aesthetic. Originally designed by Le Corbusier over 1949-1952, the Lampe De Marseille is a design classic which works beautifully within modern spaces.

A big congratulations to Bianca & Carla on the stellar work for their first win! Also an extended congratulations to the wonderful people at Lights Lights Lights who supplied the fittings for the winning room. Watch the highlights below or on The Block website.