News - Excitable Sight at 2017 Euroluce Fair

By Studio Italia 30/05/2017 9:40 am

The 2017 Euroluce trade fair in Milan, Italy showcased some of the world’s most innovative, stylish, environmentally sustainable, minimal and stunning light designs. The five day event displayed the newest collections from Studio Italia’s leading suppliers, that created an excitable, bright sight for attendees. Some of the designer/ brands included AXO Light, Vistosi, David Trubridge, Nemo, Cangini & Tucci, Rotaliana and many others. For the past 20 years AXO Light has revolutionized the way we see. They launched the Alysoid and U Light at this years fair. The Alysoid pendants were designed by Japanese designer, Ryosuke Fukusada. “The Alysoid is a collection of aluminium hand crafted suspension lamps characterised by precious, draped chains that define the diffuser. The design and the name of Alysoid take their inspiration from the world of geometry and architecture. In geometry, the Alysoid, also known as “catenary arch”, is the curve formed by a flexible chain suspended from its endpoints.” Fukusada.

The elegant yet minimal U Light was designed by Timo Ripatti. The pendant won the 2016 NYCxDESIGN Award for it’s innovative design.

2017 is an exceptionally special year for Vistosi, as they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Some of the stunning products from the Vistosi range include the Peggy and Jube. The Peggy pendant was created to pay tribute to the great art collector and New York socialite, Peggy Guggheneim, who chose Venice as her residence and whom the city owes the vibrant cultural life that was created around her house, Palazzo Venier dei Leoni.

The Jube was created from the union of two blown glasses that, once assembled together, create an overlapping, ton sur ton effect with a retro charm. Thanks to a powerful water jet, which perforates glass with holes of a very large diameter, the fusion of the glasses is perfectly integrated, so two glasses look like a single piece. The lower glass is glossy white, while the upper glass gives the colour variation. The LED light source produces a widespread and powerful light.

David Trubridge launched the Navicula pendant at this years fair. The pendant has drawn inspiration from microscopic creatures that live in the water. Individually, their size makes them seem insignificant, but en masse they are a vital part of the global environment. Diatoms are at the base of the entire oceanic food chain. They take more carbon out of the atmosphere than all the world’s tropical rain forests. Through photosynthesis they liberate enough oxygen for our every fifth breath. And almost as a bonus they are stunningly beautiful. Navicula is as much sculpture as an illuminator. It has a clever way of appearing to change its form as one moves past it and it has an innate sense of movement.

This year, Cangini & Tucci released two new products to the market - AUF (ad usum fabricae) and FLUTE. The exceptional designer, Alberto Manzoni was born in Cesena in 1983, he studied design first in Florence and then at the Politecnico. AUF (ad usum fabricae) is a modern design, characterized by four forms: TUBA, BUATTA, MINI BUATTA, and LABO. The Flute, which is concave and convex shapes, creates a particularly current and nice product, it has been designed in three different sizes to cater to all types of spaces. All the products are very different, but united by the uniqueness and value of the pieces made entirely by hand.

Rotaliana released many extraordinary products at this years fair, two of the products were the Squiggle and the Dina+. The Squiggle is inspired by the “Neon structure”. Designed by Fontana for the 9th Milan Triennale exhibition, Squiggle is a tubular exoskeleton suspended from the ceiling that follows curved and broken lines and conceals a six meter long LED strip. A sequence of irregular hexagon-shaped holes makes the lamp lighter and reflective.

The Dina+ is versatile and innovative, It features a lithium battery (30 hours of power reserve). The USB port on the back allows you to recharge mobile phones and tablets, while the touch dimmer controls the intensity of the light. The polycarbonate diffuser is interchangeable and the aluminium structure supports the LED.

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